Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Moving, Auburn home show, and Art takes Flight

I'm moving to Sacramento! For the weekend, at least, settling in to my new place while I work a booth at the Auburn Home Show. May 16-18, Auburn, California, I'll be in the Forest Walk section, so if you've been looking for an artist to satisfy your custom desires, please, look no further...than there. :) Plenty of other great home improvement companies setting up there as well, along with a couple other muralists, so please, come out and have a good time! More details at www.auburnhomeshows.com.

Besides that, the Art takes Flight installation in Placerville is going extremely well. For those of you who don't know, I am working with Big Oak Arts to place a set of 9 life-size, trompe l'oeil birds on storefronts around the Broadway strip, along with related quotations and aphorisms from famous artists throughout time; one of my favorites, "What is art, but a way of seeing?" courtesy of Thomas Berger. So far, we have a pygmy owl and a California quail fully installed, with a next wave of a green heron, great white egret, and a Western bluebird going up as early as tomorrow, with all the kinks painted out by the end of the week. Four of these are painted entirely by yours truly, so please, come check them out! The local merchant's group, the Broadway Village Association, is fully sponsoring these, and making a real effort to revitalize the downtown area as well; really, this is a pretty fantastic project, and a harbinger of larger public art to come in Placerville. I will post pictures of these later!

Well, back to packing up my booth for the show. Ciao!


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